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Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) frees you from the overhead of building and scaling infrastructure. Let innovators pioneer and leave the operations to Google’s internal groups. GCP enables you to target what’s next for your business. You can increase your product’s speed to plug whereas decreasing costs. That’s the ability of Google Cloud Platform.

Awarded the Google world Partner of the Year for Cloud Platform, Agosto focuses on cloud development and building IoT products. GCP’s strong set of tools and solutions alter us to pioneer and build extremely scalable solutions for our purchasers.

  • Compute

    If you would like to run larger workloads, scaling is the biggest challenge. It’s expensive, troublesome to support, and time consuming. Run your organization’s workloads on the world’s largest network. It’s straightforward to scale and reliable. It does not matter how you measure Google’s network, it’s the biggest network within the world.

  • Storage and Databases

    Google’s storage and managed databases supports your business necessities at varied price points and offerings. It’s value effective and able to support large scale. With resiliency and redundancy across geographics, it’s troublesome to compete with Google storage and databases.

  • Networking

    Google’s content delivery network accelerates content delivery for applications served out of Google’s Cloud, therefore you'll deliver content globally quick through Google fiber. nobody outside Google’s network ever touches it. And with cloud interconnect, you'll connect high performance applications on to Google's network to increase your own enterprise computing into Google’s cloud.

  • Big Data

    Google is the leading world professional with huge knowledge, and they outline the standards for others to follow. The framework Google uses for Search is the same framework you have got access to. With Google’s huge knowledge, you have got absolutely managed knowledge warehousing, batch and stream process, knowledge exploration, Hadoop/Spark, and reliable messaging.

  • Machine Learning

    Google Cloud Machine Learning provides pattern recognition services that improve over time. Google simplifies the quality of machine learning. Quickly add machine learning to your existing applications,leveraging Google’s sturdy apis for things like vision, speech, and translation.

  • Management Tools

    Once you build your application on Google Cloud Platform, leverage a collection of tools to stay your apps lean and economical whereas lowering management prices. Monitoring, logging, and diagnostics and a lot of, all in an easy-to-use net management console or mobile app.

  • Developer Tools

    Coding on Google platform is a simple switch for your developers as a result of they can use the tools they’re already acquainted with. Develop and deploy your applications exploitation our command-line interface and different developer tools. If you have got associate degree existing development team, you'll work closely with the Agosto development team to work out the quickest thanks to develop your application on Google Cloud Platform.

  • Identity and Security

    Google is at the forefront of innovative security technical school, and being on Google Cloud Platform brings you there with them. you'll management access and visibility to resources running on a platform protected by Google’s security model. Google Identity and Access Management provides you fine-grained access management and visibility for centrally managing cloud resources.

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