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Openbravo ERP could be a web-based business answer for tiny and medium sized firms. It helps you in automating your business processes, such as, Sales, procurement, producing, Projects, Finance, and more. Unlike different ERPs, Openbravo ERP could be a product that allows highest productivity and business legerity with straightforward integration.

Unlike different ERPs, Openbravo ERP could be a product that allows highest productivity and business legerity with straightforward integration and that is the wonder of using an Opensource ERP than a conventional enterprise ERP and being cost-efficient is another excuse why most users switch to an Opensource ERP.

Openbravo is an Opensource ERP and having such a system which will manage all the operation of an organization no matter the scope and size has a lot of advantages than several of its massive player competitors. Opensource ERP is mostly most popular because the supply would be with the client and that they have the flexibleness modification} or change the fields as and once needed and aren't absolute to any restrictions in terms of custom integrations.

Another main advantage of an Opensource ERP is its price being way cheaper than enterprise ERP solutions. Opensource ERP systems also are easier to upgrade while not disrupting the services and also the production system and may be done rather more usually. Openbravo is one such productive Opensource ERP that is been creating wonders and providing tremendous solutions to customers who are craving for the correct ERP system for his or her business.

Platform to power your ideas for building good enterprise solutions
Companies use differing types of computer code to spice up their productivity. OpenBravo is supposed for businesses fascinated by automating quite their client service and sales department. This Web-based location program includes a giant assortment of routines wont to track product from the warehouse to their delivery destinations.

Used by over 6000 firms worldwide
By enabling business agility, Openbravo customers streamline operations whereas gaining the power to pursue new opportunities, or quickly & cost-efficiently answer modification in your trade or region. Openbravo could be a 100% internet primarily based business management platform that is:

  • Flexible and straightforward to adapt
  • Web-based and cloud prepared
  • Productivity empowering computer program
  • Affordable
  • Functional Footprint

Master information Management
Model your enterprise in an exceedingly single ERP instance with a multi-organization structure that enables you to maintain data regarding product, Suppliers, tariffs, Promotions, Customers, Warehouses, and far a lot of.

Procurement Management
Minimize acquisition prices with centralized provider management and get coming up with, purchase orders, merchandise receipts, invoice registration, requisition management, and efficient payment process.

Warehouse Management
Achieve best internal control and client satisfaction with management of warehouses and bins, units, lots, receipts and deliveries, transfers, inventories, stock worth, etc. Use the embedded alert management system to severally monitor inventory levels of key product.

Production Management & MRP
Streamline production and management prices across a large vary of producing situations, from ancient separate and mixed-mode, to custom product, furthermore as repetitive dismantlement operations. Openbravo's straightforward ability and ability build it the proper ERP backbone for producing.

Sales Management and CRM
Increase correct dealing methodologies by managing costs, promotions, discounts, rates, invoicing, commissions, and more. Plus, Openbravo space widgets build it straightforward to watch sales trends and performance at any level of the organization hierarchy.

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